Workshop on Music Industry Explores Major Label & Publishing with Pepep ST12

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Denpasar, Bali – The Ambengan Tenten is hosting an exclusive workshop on the music industry, focusing on major labels and music publishing. The event, which took place on Friday, June 23, 2023, featured Pepep ST12, a renowned drummer and producer from the Indonesian pop band ST12, under the major label Dua Belas Suara Nada. The workshop aimed to educate visitors about the ins and outs of the music industry particularly contracts with major labels and music publishing, led by MC Yuniorika, the former vocalist of the pop-punk band “Ice Cream Attack” and current vocalist in Dromme Music & Westside Spinnerz.

Pepep ST12 brought his wealth of experience and knowledge to the workshop, sharing insights and advice on navigating the music industry. As a member of ST12, a highly successful pop band, Pepep has firsthand experience with major labels and understands the intricacies of music publishing. Participants had the unique opportunity to learn from his expertise and gain a deeper understanding of the industry.

MC Yuniorika, known for her vibrant stage presence and extensive experience in the music industry, skillfully led the workshop. Drawing from her time as a vocalist in “Ice Cream Attack” and her current roles in Dromme Music & Westside Spinnerz.

The workshop covered various aspects of the music industry, with a specific focus on contracts with major labels and music publishing. Participants learned about the different types of contracts, the rights and responsibilities of artists and labels, royalty structures, and the role of music publishing in promoting and protecting artists’ work. The interactive nature of the workshop allowed attendees to ask questions and engage in meaningful discussions, creating a dynamic learning environment.

The Ambengan Tenten, a well-known cultural hub and event space in Denpasar, provided the perfect setting for the workshop. Its creative and inspiring atmosphere complemented the educational nature of the event, fostering a conducive environment for learning and networking among participants.

The workshop on the music industry with Pepep ST12 and MC Yuniorika was a resounding success, providing aspiring musicians, industry professionals, and music enthusiasts with valuable insights into the world of major labels and music publishing. The event not only enriched the attendees’ understanding of the industry but also encouraged them to navigate the music business with greater confidence and knowledge.

The Ambengan Tenten continues to be a platform for educational and cultural events, facilitating the growth and development of the arts in Bali. With workshops like this, aspiring musicians can gain a deeper understanding of the industry, empowering them to pursue successful careers in music.

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