TAT Wellness Day 2023: Strengthening Body and Soul with TAT Gym

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Denpasar, Bali – On Saturday, July 22, 2023, The Ambengan Tenten, TAT Gym, once again held its highly anticipated annual event, TAT Wellness Day 2023. The event, which took place at the TAT Gym sports facility, successfully captured the attention of dozens of health and fitness enthusiasts from various backgrounds in Bali.

TAT Wellness Day 2023 offered a variety of exciting and beneficial sports classes for both the body and soul. Participants were given the opportunity to try out various types of sports guided by experienced and renowned instructors in their respective fields. Some of the highlighted sports classes at the event were:

Cardio Jump Rope by Alvasus. Alvasus, a talented jump rope athlete, led this class to improve the participants’ cardiovascular fitness and overall endurance. Power Vinyasa: SUPERYOGI by Hendri Take. Hendri Take, a well-known yoga instructor, brought a challenging yoga experience with a combination of energizing vinyasa movements. Pranayama & Tapping by Dy Pradnyas. Dy Pradnyas guided participants in mastering proper breathing techniques and aligning energy with tapping. Wellness Talk & Tarot Reading with May’s Healing Spirituality. The event was not only about physical health but also about spiritual well-being. May’s Healing Spirituality delivered inspirational lectures and provided tarot card readings to offer guidance to the participants.

Booty & Core with May Tjio. May Tjio, a fitness expert and personal trainer, taught exercises to strengthen the glutes and core muscles. Muay Thai with Kris. Kris, an experienced Muay Thai fighter, conducted a Muay Thai training session for participants seeking a more challenging experience. Neo-Mindfulness Meditation with Victoria Tunggono. Victoria Tunggono, an experienced meditation practitioner, invited participants to explore the calming practice of neo-mindfulness meditation for the mind and soul.

In addition to the sports classes, TAT Wellness Day 2023 also featured several meaningful social activities. Participants had the opportunity to participate in a blood donation drive held in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia Provinsi Bali), contributing positively to the local community. Furthermore, Kalbe Farma also contributed by providing Free Medical Check-Up for the participants, as an effort to raise awareness about the importance of health and regular check-ups.

TAT Wellness Day 2023 has achieved great success as an event that unites the community in the spirit of a healthy lifestyle. With its beneficial sports classes and valuable social activities, the event has proven itself to be a significant part of the annual calendar for sports enthusiasts in Bali. Hopefully, the presence of TAT Wellness Day in the coming years will continue to inspire people to adopt healthier and more resilient lifestyles.

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