TAT Office Space: An Answer for Y’all Hustler

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What’s the worst thing that could harm you from working remotely? The increase of spending from cafe-hopping on a daily basis? The lack of communication with your team? Or…?

I understand that the pandemic has somehow changed the idea of working culture throughout the world these days. Post-pandemic working behavior has shifted from the conventional way of commuting, working, and going back home to the new era of working just about anywhere at all. There are a lot of pros and cons of this new culture, of course—I wouldn’t deny that myself. But I think we all agree that working remotely is way more fun when done right.

Forget about spending too much on coffee from working at the cafe for 8 hours straight, or the lack of brainstorm and team communication that causes you to lose the creative side of you, because I know a place that is just about right for any of you, a hustler looking for an answer.

The Ambengan Tenten is really not just an option. In fact, I think it’s your only answer. Located in a very strategic area of the business district, Imam Bonjol St. Denpasar, this place offers you a whole new level of working space. Here you can have an office of your own, or even for your team members. Not to mention the ambience that supports your productivity level, I think this place could also change your perspective of a working culture.




In this digital era, we may only know of a coworking space—a place where all digital nomads work and connect. But what about a conventional office space for you and your startup team where you can also connect yourself with other startup teams? Besides the all-included facilities, the variety of people’s backgrounds that are working here has exceptionally helped everyone build relations with each other. It’s an all-in package that you cannot find in the heart of Denpasar but here. You may find something similar in Canggu, Seminyak, or even Jimbaran. But believe me when I say that TAT Office Space is a whole new level of a working space, because they provide a lot for a very good deal. And plus, if you’re ever stuck with your creativity, there’s always a place to getaway where you can relax and connect for a while.

Smoking and chilling area, TAT Office Space

Bale Bengong, The Ambengan Tenten

The basic needs of a conventional office is just one thing they offer. But I think it’s everything else in between that you can never find anywhere else. It’s the convenience, connection, and ambience that you will never regret of having. It’s a combination of the typical office space and a feeling of working remotely where you can always meet new people and connect yourself with them.

So forget about working remotely at some cafe that’ll only waste your money, if you are a hustler who likes to elevate your working culture, TAT Office Space is indeed your answer.





For more information: bit.ly/tat-office-space

whatsapp Rent Office Space
whatsapp Rent Office Space