Pasar Tenten January 2024

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Denpasar – Bali, In a splendid showcase of local creativity and community vibrancy, Pasar Tenten once again took center stage at The Ambengan Tenten on January 20-21, 2024. The two-day extravaganza left attendees enchanted with a diverse array of offerings, blending food, fashion, lifestyle, crafts, workshops, tarot readings, wellness activities, and insightful talk shows.

The event featured a curated selection of diverse tenants, including local favorites such as Monjue Bali, Frutta Gelato, Thrift Shop Bali 27, Kamala, Odd Pairy, Dena Collections, Halu Classics, and more. Pasar Tenten transformed The Ambengan Tenten into a vibrant marketplace, offering a unique blend of products and experiences.

Participants immersed themselves in hands-on workshops hosted by talented artisans like Siu King Art & Craft, Tisty Beads, Aora Jewellry Bali, Purple Belle, and Bali Florist. These workshops provided a platform for artistic expression and craftsmanship, contributing to the event’s dynamic atmosphere.

Attendees sought guidance from tarot readings byVictoria Tunggono, adding a touch of mysticism to the event. The tarot sessions offered moments of reflection and introspection, enriching the overall experience.

Saturday’s schedule featured HATHA at 08:00 by @gedhe768 and MUAYTHAI at 15:00 by Kris, promoting wellness through diverse activities. On Sunday, participants enjoyed “Upside Down” with Hendri Take at 09:00, adding a unique twist to their well-being journey.

The talk shows were a highlight of Pasar Tenten, featuring experts such as Yohana Raharjo, a meditation and wellness practitioner, who explored the topic “Meditasi seperti sebatang pohon.” Tri Cycle Diah Damayanti discussed “Sustainable Lifestyle,” and Get Plastic Foundation delivered a quick learning session on “30-Minutes Quick Learning How To Manage Your Plastic Waste.”

Pasar Tenten received tremendous support from partner Room Project and media partners including Nawadwipa, Poros Bali, Bali Bercerita, Sightseeing Bali, and Papan Cerita. Their collaborative efforts contributed to the event’s success.

As the curtains closed on Pasar Tenten, the organizers expressed gratitude for the community’s enthusiastic participation. The success of the event underscored the community’s appetite for cultural experiences, commerce, and holistic well-being.

In summary, Pasar Tenten at The Ambengan Tenten on January 20-21, 2024, marked another triumph, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and setting the stage for future events that celebrate the rich tapestry of Bali’s culture and creativity.

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