OBRAS Halloween Edition: Bali Community Meet Up by Binance Academy & Tokocrypto

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Denpasar, Bali, 27 October 2023 – The vibrant world of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts descended upon the beautiful island of Bali for a Halloween-themed meetup that sent shivers down the spines of attendees. Organized by Binance Academy in collaboration with Tokocrypto, the event was a night to remember, bringing together industry experts, innovators, and crypto enthusiasts under the Bali moon.

The Ambengan Tenten in Denpasar Bali, a unique and atmospheric venue, was the chosen site for this spooktacular gathering. With a dress code of “Halloween Party,” attendees embraced the theme with costumes ranging from witches and zombies to blockchain-inspired attire, showcasing the creativity and diversity within the crypto community.

The event featured a lineup of esteemed speakers who shared their knowledge, insights, and experiences with the attendees. Among the luminaries were:

Wan Iqbal – Chief Marketing Officer Tokocrypto: Wan Iqbal captivated the audience with his thoughts on the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency marketing and the role of Tokocrypto in shaping the future of crypto in Indonesia.

IGP Rahman Desyanta – CEO Baliola, Founder Mandala Chain & Coordinator Bali Blockchain Center: IGP Rahman Desyanta brought his extensive experience to the stage, discussing the importance of blockchain technology and its impact on Bali’s growth and development. He also emphasized the role of the Bali Blockchain Center in supporting and fostering the local blockchain ecosystem.

Ardana Putra – Web3 Content Creator & Community Lead: Ardana Putra showcased the world of Web3 and its potential to reshape the internet as we know it. His insights into decentralized applications and their impact on the future of the web left attendees with a sense of wonder.

The OBRAS Bali Community Meet Up’s Halloween Edition by Binance Academy and Tokocrypto was not only an educational experience but also a night of celebration and camaraderie. It showcased the growth of the crypto and blockchain community in Bali and Indonesia and the potential for even greater development in the future.

As the event concluded, attendees left with more than just cookies; they took home a wealth of knowledge and new connections in the crypto world, all while having a spooktacular time. The success of this Halloween Edition promises more exciting events in the future, building on the momentum of Bali’s growing blockchain community.

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