“MUTUAL EXHIBITION” Art Exhibition at TAT Art Space

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Denpasar – Bali, On December 23 2023, TAT Art Space at The Ambengan Tenten witnessed an extraordinary art event, namely a visual art exhibition entitled “MUTUAL EXHIBITION.” This event involves seven talented artists with their own uniqueness and characteristics, who unite their visions in the theme “Mythology.”

This art exhibition presents visually compelling works by the following artists:

  • Ayu Sujati
  • Bhargawa Bayu
  • Dewasudama (Dostssuck)
  • Galih Rrrrawka
  • Goodoh
  • Wulan Kuss
  • Yoga Sahaputra

The event was warmly opened by MC The Kwalies, who gave an introduction to the beauty and meaning behind the works on display. TAT Art Space is a witness to the diversity of mythological stories represented through the eyes of these seven artists.

Visitors are invited to explore every corner of the exhibition space which is filled with beauty and deep meaning. Each painting and installation creates an enchanting, magical atmosphere, inviting visitors to reflect and connect with the mythological stories embodied in the works.

During the exhibition, visitors can also enjoy an increasingly lively atmosphere with the presence of music from Zolalongor which provides a nuance that supports the artistic atmosphere. Meanwhile, Tarot Insights Indonesia was also present to provide tarot readings which added a mystical dimension to this event.

This “MUTUAL EXHIBITION” event is being held until January 5, 2024, providing an opportunity for more people to experience the magic of mythological art presented by these seven talented artists.

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