Jakarta Film Week Organizes Screening and Film Collaboration Discussion Event with Bukan Biasa and TAT Art Space

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Denpasar, Bali – Jakarta Film Week, in collaboration with Bukan Biasa and TAT Art Space, is holding an exciting film screening and discussion event at TAT Art Space. The event will take place over two days, from April 28th to 29th, 2023. TAT Art Space, a creative space located in The Ambengan Tenten Denpasar Bali, is the perfect venue for hosting this event.

This edition of Jakarta Film Week will showcase a total of 30 local films that will be screened over the course of two full days. Event participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of film genres, ranging from drama to documentaries, produced by local Indonesian filmmakers. The aim is to promote and advance the Indonesian film industry while appreciating the creative and diverse local works.

In addition to film screenings, the event also offers in-depth discussions about the films being shown. The discussions will involve filmmakers, directors, and actors/actresses involved in the production of those films. This provides an opportunity for participants to gain a deeper understanding of the creative process and challenges faced by filmmakers in the Indonesian film industry.

Jakarta Film Week has become an important platform for promoting and advancing the Indonesian film industry. The event provides opportunities for young filmmakers to expand their networks, collaborate, and introduce their works to a wider audience. Furthermore, the event is also expected to inspire and motivate the younger generation to engage in the film industry.

Bukan Biasa, as a collaborative partner in this event, is an online platform that focuses on promoting and distributing Indonesian indie films. By partnering with Jakarta Film Week, Bukan Biasa hopes to expand its audience reach and enhance appreciation for local indie films.

TAT Art Space, as the host venue, is an ideal place to hold such an event. As a creative space, TAT Art Space supports the development of arts and culture, including the film industry. With an inspiring atmosphere and adequate facilities, TAT Art Space creates a unique experience for the participants of Jakarta Film Week.

It is hoped that this collaborative film screening and discussion event by Jakarta Film Week will make a significant contribution to promoting and raising awareness among the public about Indonesian, local film works. With a variety of films being screened and in-depth discussions, the event is expected to build a greater appreciation for the Indonesian film industry and inspire the younger generation to actively participate in this industry.

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