“In Search For Meaning” by Felisa Tan: A Journey to Unearth Significance

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Denpasar, Bali – TAT Art Space at The Ambengan Tenten, Denpasar, played host to a meaningful art exhibition titled “In Search For Meaning” by Felisa Tan, a photography artist who recently launched her debut book. The event was attended by renowned art curator, Bagus Gonk, who led an intimate discussion with the exhibition visitors. The art exhibition took place from March 4th to 19th, 2023, showcasing 12 stunning artworks.

`Felisa Tan, born in 1993, is a self-taught photography artist based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She began taking photos at home and regularly posted them on DeviantArt since 2007. Photography became the language she chose to express her love for the world. Through extensive travel experiences to over 50 countries from a young age, Felisa Tan has developed a deep appreciation for different cultures and perspectives. Through an ongoing process of evolution, both as an artist and as a human being, she has created a record of how she experiences the world.

Respecting the beauty as it is, Felisa strives to capture her artworks as accurately as possible, drawing from her own real-life experiences. The breadth of subjects she captures in her photography is a reflection of her sensitivity in seeing beauty, even in the most ordinary places. Through her artworks, she hopes to inspire her audience to pause for a moment and appreciate the various blessings that may be overlooked in a noisy world.

Bagus Gonk, a renowned curator in the art world, was present at the event to guide the discussion with the visitors. This intimate discussion provided an opportunity for the exhibition visitors to share their thoughts, ask questions, and explore the meaning behind Felisa Tan’s artworks. Bagus Gonk’s presence at the event made the exhibition even more special, offering profound insights into art and creativity.

The art exhibition “In Search For Meaning” at TAT Art Space is an invitation for the younger generation to explore art and enrich their understanding of the meaning of life. Felisa Tan’s artworks present different perspectives on the beauty that is sometimes overlooked in everyday life. The exhibition also serves as an opportunity for visitors to be inspired and realize the many blessings that may go unnoticed in a life filled with noise and busyness.

“In Search For Meaning” is an art exhibition that invites us to see the world with fresh eyes, appreciate the beauty in every moment, and embrace the diversity of cultures around us. This exhibition will be a profound and inspiring experience for visitors who seek to delve into the meaning in art and life.

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