How to Tackle Ideas-Blockage as An Entrepreneur?

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As a millenial who works in a fast-paced environment that demands things done within seconds, I think we agree that we get stuck easily from time to time. Clients come and go with things they want from us, yet never enough resources of ideas that keep us afloat. We all have been there, of course—stuck in a situation where we have to move fast without any anticipation of what to offer on the table.

Of course we all have our own way to tackle this idea-blockage problem. But does everyone really know how? Here’s a little tips on how to tackle idea-blockage!

Move your ass off of that table.

When we don’t know what to do, it’s most likely because we don’t have enough perspective to explore on. Human’s brain is one complex thing that needs constant change to see the bigger picture of many things. So when I’m stuck, I usually choose to take a walk around the house, move a little, and even do chores before going back to things I was supposed to originally do before—which is finishing the deadline of the work itself. Moving around helps your brain to process things better for it helps the flow of your blood.

Meet with people and actually talk

I find that meeting people helps me a lot in finding back my sanity when it comes to writing. Or any kind of creative thinking, really. Connecting ourselves with people somehow gives us perspective we’ve never known existed. Or even better, we could always make something new out of the conversation. Here in The Ambengan Tenten, I could always find that flexibility of connecting myself with people. The fresh-from-the-oven insight is something that we could always use to tackle this idea-blockage problem.

Make a mindmap of things you like

How could one find a great idea if everything else is scattered everywhere around? People always forget this step when we’re trying to find the perfect ideas to pitch. This particular brainstorming idea could be tricky if we don’t remind ourselves of the end goal of the project itself. So my little suggestion is: always make a mindmap of things you’re familiar with so you can always make a better pitching idea out of it. And of course, with a little help from this next step of…

Find references

It could be from nature, the internet, or even the next closest thing to you! I use Pinterest, Medium, or Quora for my own writing research. But there are a lot more references that you can use as an entrepreneur from the internet. Like I said before, we get different styles of working. Creativity is limitless as long as you can always put yourself in different angles. So always find your own reference before you let this blockage even happening on your part.

So tell me, what’s your own best solution to tackle idea-blockage?

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