GINCU Art Exhbiition & Performance: Showcasing the Beauty and Equality of Women

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Denpasar, May 17, 2023 – A collective art exhibition addressing feminist issues and the beauty of women, named GINCU, is being held at TAT Art Space in The Ambengan Tenten, Denpasar. The event is organized by the female artist group Iluh Bali Art with the aim of promoting gender equality and appreciating the uniqueness and talent of women in various aspects.

The exhibition has been running from April 14 to May 5, 2023. Ten artists have participated in this exhibition, including Ketut Efrata, Evy Novita, Sarita Ibnoe, Novi Sumariani, Jasmine Okubo, Mira El Amir, Luh Pande Sandat Wangi, Nancy Ng, Dyah Ayu Wulandari, and a writer named Saras Tantri. Their presence brings a diverse range of artistic expressions to this exhibition.

At the exhibition opening, Mrs. Robin Lim, the Founder of Bumi Sehat Foundation, delivered an inspiring speech. Guests attending the opening were also asked to dress according to the theme “Red, Bold, Gincu Tone” to add uniqueness to the event. This emphasizes the essence of the GINCU exhibition, which sees lipstick or Gincu as a symbol of women’s beauty.

In addition to the art exhibition, the event also features a dance performance led by Jasmine Okubo, in collaboration with the Kita Poleng Bali Foundation. The foundation focuses on empowering the deaf and mute community. This collaboration serves as a platform for artists and empowerment groups to support and promote important issues related to women.

The GINCU exhibition has a strong objective to advocate for gender equality and appreciate the beauty of women. By promoting the hashtag #EMPOWERYOURVIRTUES, the exhibition aims to emphasize the importance of appreciating women’s strengths, talents, and uniqueness in all aspects, both big and small.

This exhibition has captured the attention of the art community and visitors with its innovative concept and powerful message. The GINCU Art Exhibition & Performance provide a stage for female artists to express themselves and invites everyone to celebrate the beauty of women and advocate for gender equality.

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