an Art Exhibition “Pilgrimage” with Another Waltz


Denpasar, Bali – Another waltz presents Pilgrimage, the art exhibition with another waltz. This exhibition showcases the artworks of Afiq Andico Pangimpian which depict dreams, memories, and lamentations from things that have and will be forgotten in his everyday life. For him, painting is an experience that allows him to talk about and contemplate the constant changing in social and spiritual reality. In the process of working on the works presented in Pilgrimage, Afiq Andico Pangimpian places the figures in his paintings randomly and spontaneously.

Pilgrimage is an opportunity to observe how humans are constantly attached to memory. Through the act of remembering, humans strive to retain and preserve certain memories through concrete details and abstract feelings. The pilgrimage will be open to the public from 07 July until 09 July 2023. Opening hours are 08 AM — 10 PM. A full-colored catalog with the exhibition essay in English will be available at the venue.

At this exhibition, I want to assemble and summarize everything about what I have experienced during the opportunity period to step into the arts from 2021 to 2022. Looking back from what I have written, also from what has been depicted on canvas and paper, everything is so abstract and wide of the imaginary world in it. Even so, I still want to write, and rewrite everything into a footprint that is summarized in an art exhibition called; pilgrimage/ or in Indonesian; “Pilgrimage”. This means; the final visit in life, the colors of a life where you can’t feel everything until you reach the end of a journey. Step by step written until no time to read it. Again, and again. Countless of everything I’ve done so far has been so busy and abstract in design and workmanship. Until it’s time for me to summarize and rearrange the flavors in the steps written.

For the sake of time and time, also for whatever I want… Everything is arranged so solemnly that at the end of time when everything is unreadable with certainty, I want to reach hope, love, affection, and pain, as well as a feeling that is enough simply, too in the midst of silence. Those who are peaceful reach their desires in simplicity, even in struggles, wounds, and steepness. I want to always be simple, in the footsteps of pilgrimages in long quiet prayer verses. So now I want to make a pilgrimage in works, in a feeling that the pen never had the chance to utter. Until the sketch divides the simple wound sown in the stories.

The names of another artist; Afiq Andico Pangimpian/another waltz, Ni Wayan Penawati, Ketut Sedana, Surya Bali, Tilf.Tesiast, Sintyu, Aemyura, Beni Krisnadi, Adithya Permana, Dede Premana, Old Jack. Jongsarad (Art Communities) The Artists; Deta Artista, TridanaPvtera, Andre Suyasa, Gede Wahyu Simbrana, Exsatros, Aristya Purnama, Lion Wijayakusuma. Kolong Kreatif Kerangka (Art Communities) The Artists; DEM, Marcellino, April.Himatography (Student Activity Units) DABDABIN (Art Communities).

Art Performance; live painting and poetry reading by another waltz, live DJ – D.O.C, live music by Davindra, Live Contemporary Dance by Sintyu, live drawing by Old Jack, live music by TELL YO CLUB.

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