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Denpasar, Bali – On November 1, 2023, a highly anticipated event for the TAT community (The Ambengan Tenten) took place at ARGOS Bali, The Ambengan Tenten, Denpasar Bali. “TAT Gather,” an event full of enthusiasm and fun, successfully brought together various individuals who shared a passion for gathering, connecting, and having a great time.

At 5:00 PM WITA, guests and participants began to gather at ARGOS Bali for the event. Despite the rain outside, their spirits remained unshaken, and they were eager to attend a series of exciting activities prepared by the TAT and ARGOS teams. The event was designed to create a relaxed yet festive atmosphere for all participants.

Some of the activities offered at “TAT Gather” included networking sessions, Pecha Kucha, and, of course, complimentary drinks. Guests could enjoy free beer and hot and iced coffee served with love by the ARGOS team. The networking session allowed participants to connect, share ideas, and expand their networks, creating a valuable experience.

One of the highlights of this event was the launch of ARGOS’s new identity. The new identity included a logo change, exclusive sticker packs, fresh barista uniforms, and redesigned hot and iced cups. This event marked a special moment in introducing ARGOS’s new face to the public.

In their address, representatives from the ARGOS team revealed the reasons behind the identity change. They described this change as a step to keep up with the times, reflecting an innovative spirit, and providing a better experience for customers. The launch of the new identity received a warm welcome from the attending guests.

This event reflected the spirit and dedication of the TAT and ARGOS teams in providing a valuable experience to their community. Everyone present seemed to thoroughly enjoy this precious moment while forging new relationships and having a great time together.

As the event concluded, guests and participants expressed their hope that “TAT Gather” would become a sustainable tradition and that ARGOS would continue to provide excellent services with their new identity.

The event successfully brought joy, connectivity, and happiness, creating unforgettable memories for all who attended. May the TAT and ARGOS communities continue to grow and thrive in their spirit of togetherness.

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