Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Welcome to a space where you can live, work, relax, connect, and enjoy every sunny day of Bali all in the same place. Located at the prime location of the business area, Jalan Imam Bonjol – Denpasar, The Ambengan Tenten is not just a mere option. Equipped with some facilities such as a swimming pool, poolside sitting, green space environment, spacious parking, and a communal area, you will find comfort only in one sitting.

Not just as another living space, here you can also expand your life quality through enlarging your connection with the warm community of people, hence creating many opportunities for you in the future.

The Ambengan Tenten offers you the next level of one-stop living space. The question is: would you be wise enough to choose your place?

Virtual Private Office (VPO)
Alamat Virtual Office: Solusi Praktis untuk Profesional Modern


In this digital era, you may find yourself madly devoted to your passion. You may have to strive your way in and innovate things by coming up with many ideas. Whether you are an individual or a team needing a working space, The Ambengan Tenten offers you the perfect place to work with a full-furnished office at your convenient rate.

Kelebihan Virtual Office dalam Mendukung Berbagai Jenis Bisnis
Harga Virtual Office: Manfaat, dan Keuntungan bagi Profesional


People say, home is a place you come back to after a long day at work. But what if we say home is a feeling, instead of a place? The Ambengan Tenten apartment offers you a feeling of home each time you come back. With its warm surroundings, friendly staff, and the easy access to enhance your lifestyle, you will find yourself immersed in pleasure and that you’d be glad to choose this home right here.

10 Alasan Memilih Kantor Virtual di Denpasar


Like a plant, we all need to nurture ourselves each and every day. By knowing your value, you can connect yourself with your kind of people and surround yourself with the right kind of crowd you choose. Not only will you find a new community here, you will also find yourself at ease and forget that the negativity of the world exists in the first place.

Lokasi Virtual Office yang Tepat di Bali


A lively neighborhood, friendly baristas, great quality of coffee beans, home-cooked meals served like a five-stars restaurant—who would you be kidding to miss this one out? Not to mention the high speed internet for your convenient coworking business and a Friday live music with some famous local musicians, Argos should definitely be your go-to place.


Anyone could have a perfect body as long as they set their goal right. So train yourself with our experienced coaches that will help you reach your body goal. Packed with various classes from Monday to Saturday, you can always sweat yourself every morning and evening right before and/or after your working time.

Alamat Kantor Virtual Office Bali
7 Ciri-Ciri Kantor Virtual Office di Bali


What is art without a sense of belonging? Here in TAT Art Space, you can find yourself belonging to the community of art without a doubt of not being accepted. Coming up as an incubator of the next big artist of the era, you can connect yourself with a lot of other creators and collectors and get a use of the Creator Room for the greater purpose of yours.

Kantor Virtual Office di Bali: Solusi Efisiensi Bisnis


Plan your own meeting and event at The Ambengan Tenten. With its fully equipped meeting room and spacious patio garden, you can hold yourself a glass of champagne after a long energizing meeting and enjoy the rest of the day with a movie night in the patio garden area surrounded by your people. And not just that, you can also hold a talkshow with a preferred community specialist where you can educate each other and enlarge your own network. Or maybe even a Sunday Market charity of your own? We still have the place covered for you.

PT. Nusantara Raja Jaya
Jalan Imam Bonjol, Gang. Rahayu No. 16A, Pemecutan Kelod, Denpasar – Bali


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