Apartemen di Bali

A Way to Elevate in Your Work-Life

Giving a freedom for exploring work life balance lifestyle. Also focus on spending quality time with chilling at home, exercising, making connections, learning new skills and creating excitement opportunities. Let The Ambengan Tenten | Apartemen di Bali takes the load off shoulders! Life instantly become simpler, more balance and stress-free. The Ambengan Tenten | Apartemen di Bali, located at the prime location of business area Jalan Imam Bonjol (Teuku Umar) Denpasar – Bali.

4 Cara Agar Lebih Efisien di Kantor

The Ambengan Tenten | Apartemen di Bali is equipped with some facilities such as swimming pool, poolside sitting, children playground, green area surrounding the residence, spacious parking and a commercial area consisting of modern market and “Angkringan Bali”

To ensure resident’s security and convenience, modern security system is provided at The Ambengan Tenten | Apartemen di Bali, such as 24-hours security at main gate entrance, CCTV and access card. Furthermore, to guarantee the best service for our residents & investors, The Ambengan Tenten | Apartemen Di Bali managed by professional management.



The Ambengan Tenten is best experienced in person! Schedule a visit above. Or call us at: +62851 0582 8181


work may imply activity of body, of mind, of a machine, or of a natural force.


The definition of live is seeing or hearing a performance as it is happening, not prerecorded.


Be part of a global community creating the ultimate remote worklife.


Specifically, we feel like we’ve lost that sense of work-life balance.


Productively Mind and Inspire Yourself

Transform the way of working to focus more on creativity effectiveness and connectivity with others. Workspace for individual, start up and establish company. Full furnished and facilities with minimal cost at Private Office | Sewa Kantor di Bali

Sewa Kantor di Bali | Office Space

Sewa Kantor di Bali | Co-Working SpaceSewa Kantor di Bali | Private Office

Apartemen di Bali | Living

Apartemen di Bali | StudioApartemen di Bali | Suite Studio


Comfort Your Quality Life

Feel the convenient with all service provided at Apartemen Di Bali, bring something special at our facility that makes it unlike any other place. It’s warm, accepting community of neighbors who feel like family. And it’s the unique feeling of being right where you belong, a feeling of being home in a next level experiences and peace of mind.


Simplicity With Harmony

A healthy body means a fresh mind, do something different other than usual, which energize and refresh you and enable to nurture the creative thought in every aspect of lesson and grow your network with valuable resources around apartemen di bali.




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